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Product Code: XLO-000-14018-001
Main Category: OUTLET
Producer: Lowrance
Supplier: Pro Marine Trade
Unit: pcs
Product Description:

The Lowrance's most easily configured fishfinder/chartplotter HOOK2-5 Splitshot has a simple menu and automatic sonar settings. The split sensor provides a wide angle view of the High CHIRP and Downscan Sonar. The autotuning sonar automatically makes the sonar image quality higher, so there is no need to manually adjust the settings. However, it is also possible to change the settings manually. Convenient to use - a simple menu and a handy push-button. MicroSD card slot allows you to save waypoints and routes. Map options - ALTER2, C-MAP, Navionics.

Key Features:


* Screen: 5´´

* Resolution: 800 x 480 px

* Sonar: 200 / High Chirp 455 / 800 kHz

* Power: 12 V

* Type: Combo


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Lowrance FishHunter is a wireless sensor that displays an underwater image with a free application on a smartphone display. Your device works on Wi-Fi for Android and iOS phones and tablets. A WiFi connection with a dialer has the advantage of four times faster connection than the device that uses Bluetooth. Charging FishHunter via the bottom plug (no need to open the device). LED indicators indicate charging and battery discharge. Battery life is always a significant problem for small appliances. Lowrance FishHunter's both models have a battery life of up to 10 hours. The Lowrance 3D FishHunter has a Wi-Fi connection of 61 m, with an operating depth of 49 m. Due to the fact that the maximum depth of inland water bodies in Estonia is not more than 30 m, it should be completely sufficient. FishHunter should have at least 1.2 m water under the "wedge" in normal mode. At the same time, FishHunter is also equipped with a low water mode that can deliver up to 0.4 m in water. The FishHunter 3D model's interior includes as many as 5 three-frequency sensors that provide a very good view of the underlying and underlying water. The angle of view is even 72 degrees! If desired, the user can view the water or ice conditions and the features of the bottom in 3D format. And while it is possible to distinguish, for example, from the water scrub from fish, which is still a problem in many other hailstones. Operating temperatures -30 C to 35 C.
Price: 245.96 €
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